• Mrs. swallows

    Mrs. swallows are talking to her neighbor.
    Mrs. swallows: yesterday my husband drank drunk, spit the whole nest are.
    Neighbor: it’s … … good nausea.!!
    Mrs. swallows: it’s more disgusting to still..
    Neighbor: well … … ….
    The wife: that this morning, people put my house here, say what to eat bird’s nest.
    Neighbor: … … @#%&.
  • Manager

    A newly promoted managers, friends to be transported with joy, times. A friend said: what’s the freshness of the manager? Now the restaurant is selling soy milk is the manager.
    This person does not believe, then call to a restaurant: please call the manager of the milk department. The man who answered the phone asked: could you find the manager of the syrup department or the manager of the white pulp department?
  • Retreat me twenty

    A poor man went to a shop to eat noodles, ask the boss said: Soup for money?
    The boss said: no money.
    The poor man said: I want a bowl of soup.
    The boss didn’t want to end him, then answer: twenty yuan a bowl of soup.
    The poor say: that a bowl of noodles! By the way, a bowl for me.
    The boss did so.
    The poor man put the soup into the bowl, answer: soup also you, back me twenty yuan.
  • Not earth

    In ancient times, there was a special superstition.. One day, he was in a hurry to go out, but turn over almanac, there are some should not go out today. He was in a hurry to turn around and turned around and finally came up with an idea.. I said: not go out, I dig a hole from the wall to drill out! Who knows the wall fell into disrepair, digging three two hole dug dug, no walls, but down, put him tightly pressed on the following. He thought, over.! This is a real spirit..
    His son heard the noise, rushed to save him. However, his son just dig a shovel, he hurriedly struggled and shouted: wait, wait, get the almanac! The son knows his temper, unable to dissuade him, had brought him the almanac. He from the broken wall below the head is extended to, opened almanac, busy urged his son said: “go quickly and tell your mother, do a good job in three days of dry food brought! The son asked: why do the food? He said: the almanac says, & lsquo; within three days, not earth & rsquo; fast give me sent three days of dry food, and three days later come to dig me!
  • In the opposite direction

    A Jew walking on the road, see a farmer driving over, he asked: from here to s village how far?
    Half an hour is up..
    Please get in.!
    For half an hour, the Jews were restless.:
    How far is it from the village of S?
    About an hour or so.
    What! Did you just say that as long as half an hour? How the more the go away?
    My car is going in the opposite direction..
  • Car joke series two

    The deep ditch villagers never too far out of the door, never seen a train is what kind of?
    Heard that not far from the local repair of the railway, then went to the train specially to see the train. Do not look at, a look surprised: well behaved ah! This long (read Chang) something lying prone to run this fast, if you get up, and that also got WOW!
  • Blood donation

    One day, go to donate blood thin Ajinyue strong dumb, to the blood center fill in the basic information is a blood test, the nurse looked up to see two people at a glance so to Ah Kin said: you Liangbaiwu!
    Our heart began to be afraid, you (A Dai five hundred). Say that finish is ready to help two people blood, saw two people standing in place, after a long time two talents openings: right, I’m sorry! We don’t have no money..
  • Borrow

    The woman walked into the bank and said to the clerk, “I want to talk to you on the loan.”. “
    “Great.! The clerk replied, “how much can you give us? “
  • Are you mushrooms too

    A psychiatric patients, every day at noon, hot day, insisted on a black umbrella, top the sun, a person sitting in the square, did not move. The psychological counseling of the physician did not know why it would have this move. One afternoon followed him, and took a black umbrella, sitting in the patient’s back, to observe what he moved nearby, time an hour later, the patient is still not moved.
    It was half an hour before he finally moved..
    He turned to the doctor and said: are you mushrooms?
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